Shree ShatrunJay Mukti Samyak Gyan Abhyaskram:

With the Blessing of Achalgachadipati Tapaswiratna Param Pujya
Shri Gunodaysagarsurishwarji Maharaj Saheb

Aagamaradhika Balbramhachari Param Pujya
Muktishree Maharaj Saheb

Shasanprabhavika Param Pujya
Jaylaxmishreeji Maharaj Saheb

Inspired and Guided by Param Pujya
Jaydarshitashreeji Maharaj Saheb

It is observed that Jiva/ human being is Furstrated, Not Contempt, Facing steep competition and not able to live better Life. Jain Philosophy is the best way available to Guide Jive/ Human beings to live , good life .Jain Philosophy education courses were started.

Bachelor in Jainism:
Three years course, every year consisting of 10 chapters.
Aspirant will be provided details of each chapter, along with the Question Paper, for 100 Marks.

  • After completing first year , i.e F.Y.B.J. Aspitant will be awarded as a

  • After completing Second Year , i.e S. Y.B.J. Aspitant will be awarded as a

  • After completing Third Year , i.e T. Y.B.J. Aspitant will be awarded as a

At Present this is a Postal Course, in near future, E Tests will be conducted, for that all the aspirants are requested to log on, and at shatraunjay academy folder log-in-system will be provided.

Bachelor/ Masters of Jainism Course e-books:

Help for Shatrunjay Academy Students:

  • Please use Question sets posted above to prepare your Answer Sheets and send it to communication address given to you.

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